Why Go Away?

Now that Adrian has reached 6o (see Adrian’s Profile), he would like to take time out to explore what he will do with the next stage of his life. He would like the next decade to be the best so far in his life. So he wants to take time out to reflect on where he is at and  how he would like to steer the next part of his life.

So for Adrian this is both a journey through Europe and a spiritual journey as well. Its Adrian own version of “Eat Pray Love” ( book by Elizabeth Gilbert).

Adrian has always wanted to learn more about Europe and particularly its two largest economies which are Germany & France. As travel by water was the first efficient way of transporting goods, many European cities are built on rivers or canals. Thus, its a ideal way to explore a city as you can often berth a boat in the centre and explore the city at your leisure from you own temporary home.

Nuala is taking the trip because she has a great sense of adventure and believes that life is for living and we all should do things when we are young enough and able to do them. And of course as Adrian was very keen to do this trip  she wants to support him as well!!


4 Responses to Why Go Away?

  1. richie & bow says:

    great idea ,hope yer trip never ends, following this adventure with lots more


  2. richard connell says:

    wishing you a fantastic trip hope all your plans go well will watch your trip on www from your former friends at atlas here in portlaoise now enva irl ltd dick connell


    • agclontarf says:

      Hi Richard. Great to hear from you. Do sign up for the blog and you can follow where I go. Pass on my best wishes to all the staff in Enva and I would love to come and visit the Portlaoise site when I return- Adrian Gallagher


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