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We are back in our house – The Gap Year is Officially Over

On Saturday, 7th March we moved back into our house and then it hit me, the Gap Year is really over!

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Shoddy work by an English Car Garage- I did not follow my own advice

Yesterday we got Nuala’s car back from the garage in Dublin. The work that was supposed to be done by the Portsmouth garage had to be redone. So we have had to pay twice for the same job plus the added … Continue reading

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Another reality check…

First week, back at home and I am already missing France- especially the wine and cheese! There is nothing for it ,I will just have to stop drinking wine. Might be good for my body but definitely not good for … Continue reading

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Reality Bites- The Gap Year is Over- Nuala went back to work today.

Nuala left the apartment at 8 am this morning for her first day at work in 11 months. I am going to attend the Rotary meeting this afternoon.

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