The Car is Sold! – 20 days before departure.

I sold my car. I put it up for sale in January and after about 30 phone enquirers and 3 road tests I gave up and finally sold it last week for less than I expected to get. Now suddenly for the first time since I was 17 years of age, I don’t have a car or a motor bike (as along with the fish tank it too was sold to start the Gap Year plan).

Adrian's car is now sold

Adrian’s car is now sold

It’s a very strange feeling. It’s like l lost my independence. It feels like I am missing a piece of me. My identity as a man is damaged! (The ladies reading this might not be so sympathetic!) But I felt it was better that the car was sold before I left and besides, I was spending too much time answering phone calls and doing test drives.

Adrian with his first car

Adrian with his first car

Now when I want to go somewhere I have to think how am I going to get there?  Can I go on the bus or cycle? If not I have to politely ask either Nuala or Marc (my son) if I can borrow their car. I am going around like a beggar man asking to borrow a set of wheels. – That my life has come to this. The sacrifices I am making for this “Gap Year”!

Marc and his chariot

Marc and his chariot

When Nuala or Marc have kindly agreed to “lend” me their car, the next discussion is how far I am going? If it’s a long way, Nuala with great sympathy will offer to swap cars (Marc’s car is a 19 year old Toyota Starlet.

Then once it has been decided who is taking which car, all the possessions have to be transferred – sun glasses- Nuala’s swipe for work- keys for the boat etc. etc. Then I can finally get on my way.

Oh the hassle! The sooner I get on the water the better…

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3 Responses to The Car is Sold! – 20 days before departure.

  1. David McDonough says:

    Look at the lapels on that suit. If you still had it you could fly where you want to go. Good luck with adventure. I look forward to the blogs each week. David


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