‘Le Cheval’ Stew – That’s horse meat stew to you and I

When the Dover delivery crew were with me, we ate very well. We had dinner out two evenings and Neil and/or Bill cooked dinner on all the other days. For the first meal on board, Neil cooked steak stew.

The Dover Delivery Team

The Dover Delivery Team

This was so popular that he decided to do it again on the fourth night. The popularity might have had something to do with the fact that he put a half bottle of our best red wine into the stew. When Neil was slow cooking the meat for the stew on the galley stove, Bill came in and saw the empty meat packs. He  asked did Cheval not mean horse? Neil said ‘Oh my God, it does’ and that when he had gone to the shop to buy the meat, he had forgotten his glasses and could not                                                                            read the labels on the packaging. He thought he                                                                            had bought regular beef.

Butcher shop with sign for horse meat

Butcher shop with sign for horse meat

They decided that as the dinner was almost made and not to waste the meal, they would go ahead and eat it but would not to tell Michael ! As I don’t eat meat I did not get involved in the debate. Dinner was served and everybody tucked in. Michael said it was a great stew. I could see Bill and Neil looking at each other… then half way through the meal they told him.

Boucherie Charcuterie

Boucherie Charcuterie

Michael being a pragmatic man said what the hell and kept eating but said for God’s sake not to tell Penny (his wife) as she loves horses…

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2 Responses to ‘Le Cheval’ Stew – That’s horse meat stew to you and I

  1. xeniaboatlog says:

    Great to see that you are still keeping up a galloping pace! We have stopped in Cambrai on the pretext of touching up the paintwork while the weather is good. Tam and Di send regards too.


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