Munster Again ! – Because Nuala says best charity shop in Germany is here

We spend the last two days in Munster. It’s great because you can moor in the old harbour close to the centre of town. We stopped again on the return trip because Nuala wanted to revisit the charity shop! Also it was a good place to celebrate my birthday.

Boat moored in Munster Harbour

Boat moored in Munster Harbour

As soon as we had tied up, Nuala was on the bike and off to the charity shop. Last time we bought some great beer glasses and the saddle bags that you see on the back of Nuala’s bike. This time Nuala hunted through all four floors of the shop with me following her saying “ don’t forget we are moving to a caravan and will have a lot less space”! She ended up buying more glasses, a foldable wire basket for cooking chips and a jacket- all for a cost of €16.

Nuala in the charity shop

Nuala in the charity shop

Now that the real purpose for visiting Munster was over, we could relax and do the food shopping and restock the boat. The boat has been great on the return trip from Berlin. We have stayed on free moorings along the canal for the last eight days. The batteries have stayed topped up and the water tanks are still half full. At this rate we could stay on free moorings for up to 16 to 20 days. But it was time to stop and shop, as I miss the fresh bread!

Adrian and Nuala celebrate Adrian's birthday

Adrian and Nuala celebrate Adrian’s birthday

That evening we had dinner in one of the restaurants along the quayside to celebrate my birthday again. We asked the waitress for directions to the Bauhaus (DIY store). She asked where were we staying and was most surprised when we pointed to the boat and said there.

So today we reluctantly left Munster and continue on our journey back to the Rhine.

Nuala returning from shopping

Nuala returning from shopping

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2 Responses to Munster Again ! – Because Nuala says best charity shop in Germany is here

  1. Barbara Saber says:

    Trust Nuala to find a charity shop !!!! you both look very fit and healthy ..


    Barbara Saber
    Accounts Assistant
    Begley Hutton Design Consultants
    Direct: 01 669 9906


  2. Robert Sinnott says:

    Adrian, a little tip – from here on every time Nuala goes to a charity shop she should be encouraged to bring something to donate so the net “luggage” on board is not always increasing! How will you get it all home if you sell the boat?


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