How the William’s Saved the Blog

Fiona Kevin Nuala

Fiona Kevin Nuala

Last Friday we were going through Dublin Airport on our way back to France when we met Fiona and Kevin Williams, our neighbours in Clontarf. We stopped for a chat and…

It was totally a chance meeting. Passing through the departure lounge, I saw Kevin out of the corner of my eye. I went over to say hello. Fiona and Nuala then joined us. We sat down with them for a minute to have a chat and catch up. Fiona regularly follows our blog and was interested in some of the finer details of our Gap Year. She and Kevin were travelling to Hamburg for the weekend, to see the Christmas markets.

Nikon D 60

Nikon D 60

As always Nuala suggested we take a photo of the moment. I took out my Nikon camera but it had run out of power. I put it down on the table beside us and joined in the picture myself. Fiona then took the photos with her iPhone.

We finished up our conversation as both our flights were departing in a few minutes. As we were going through the boarding gate, Fiona rang Nuala phone to say I had left my camera on the table!

She asked what gate we were departing from and she ran all the way there to give me back the camera. Again we were the last people to board our flight. I don’t know how I made this mistake! The camera is critical for taking the blog photos. If Fiona had not spotted it on the table, it surely would have disappeared. So thanks to her and her sprint to gate 145, I now have the camera back.

Aine's car broken into

Aine’s car broken into

I am a great believer that things happen in threes!

So let’s hope that is the end of it for the trip home saga- almost missing the flight on the way home from Lyon ( by the way it cost €168 to get the car from the short term car park at Lyon Airport), Aine’s car being broken into in Sligo and almost losing my camera.

Proof of payment of €168 for parking

Proof of payment of €168 for parking

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