Summary of the Year Away

We have made it ! Lock No. 1 The SummitLooking back on our year away. We had a great time, meet lots of great people and achieved a life time ambition. We did manage to find the right boat and get it from The River Shannon in Ireland, via Paris to Berlin and back to Chalon sur Saone in France. We sold the boat there and returned home.

paris 04.05.14 028

We traveled across Europe without hindrance or difficulty. I was very careful to make sure we had all the right paperwork- boat registration-skippers licences- insurance- radio licences and Vignettes. To my amazement we were never stopped once and asked for our paper work!. We were stopped by the German river police on the Mittelland Canal, but all they wanted to know had we really come from Ireland ! We offered to show our paperwork but they said it was not necessary. This shows the value of the European Union, that we could travel from a small marina on the Shannon in Ireland across Europe. This is the true value of the freedom of movement. We all need to appreciate this great gift and find ways of protecting and developing it.



Nuala & Adrian in front Brandenburger Gate


We are now back home, back at work and using the skills we learned on our Gap Year to  develop new careers and help our society.

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2 Responses to Summary of the Year Away

  1. Anne McDonald says:

    What I am wondering is what is the next big adventure?? 🙂 🙂 🙂 best of luck to you both 🙂


  2. beatepage says:

    Hi guys, good to hear from you! Now I think you are at the righgt place not to worry about freely moving around Europe! Alan feels safe being married to an European… :-)) Any plans for a new adventure??? Gros bisous from Alan and Beate , melting every day on our way along the Canal du Midi to get to the Rhone (next hivernage Pont-de-Vaux) at temperatures in the high 30ties C (ok it’s still 32C at 21:15….).


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