The Gap Year Journey has Started! Day 0

After two years of planning,  the journey has finally started. Early this morning, Jonathan and Glen of Kennedy Haulage met me at the Texaco Station on the N4 at 5.30 am and we drove the truck to Albert Lock to load the boat. Needless to say, my son Marc very kindly got up at 4.30 to bring me to meet the truck in Lucan. Thanks Marc .

loading boat at Albert Lock

Michael Burke loads the boat at Albert Lock

There we meet Michael Burke and his son Paul who loaded the boat onto the truck. After checking and rechecking, we left Albert Lock at 10.00 am and headed for Dublin.

As we are a wide load, we needed an escort vehicle which Glen drove. The purpose of the escort vehicle on single lane roads is to drive ahead of us to warn oncoming vehicles that we are coming and on motorways to stay behind us and warn vehicles that we are up ahead. Jonathan and Glen were in radio contact constantly.

It was shocking to see how other drivers behaved. It was astonishing to see drivers in cars and trucks ignoring his signs and flashing lights as they came hurling toward us. There was a taxi driver in Dublin and a moped rider who both should be dead!! Both ignored Glen as he warned vehicles not to drive up on the inside lane and only for the prompt action by Jonathan, the moped driver would be dead. To add insult to injury,  he had the cheek to make a rude gesture when he passed us, not fully realising that if it wasn’t for Jonathan’s skill he would not be still alive.

Boat on board P&O Ferry

Boat on board P&O Ferry

We arrived in Dublin Port at 1.40 pm in plenty of time and reversed safely on board. Under the lunacy of the rules in Ireland, the wide load was not allowed to use the Port Tunnel and we had to wind our way through the roads of Dublin to the port. It was interesting to see the stares of people on the footpath as our large boat and support truck inched their way through the streets. Jonathan says this happens to him all the time.

boat on trailer- 40 foot long 12 foot wide- too big for the roads

boat on trailer- 40 foot long 12 foot wide- too big for the roads

Nuala rang me to say she was in the hair dresser at lunch time and that the hairdresser had said there was a large white boat going by and was it ours? Amazing coincidence it was us! I hastened to add that I had not yet left the country and Nuala was getting her hair done mid-week. Blowing the budget again…

But we have arrived in Dover in one piece and the boat is happily floating in the Grandville Marina in Dover.

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