Our first real visitors to the boat.

We had our first visitors to stay with us on the boat. My daughter Louise, her husband Josselin, my granddaughter Eve (6 years) and grandson Eamon (5months) came to stay with us for five days. They joined us at Chauny where we stayed there for a day and then we cruised to Compiegne (40 kms and 4 locks).

Dinner out for Louise's Birthday

Dinner out for Louise’s Birthday

We stayed in Compiegne for a further four nights at a local marina which was euphemistically called the Compiegne Yacht Club. We will have a separate blog about the standard of moorings on the French Canal system later.

As they had travelled by car, we took full advantage of it by going to Carrefour supermarket to stock up on heavy items (including 50 litres of water and 20 bottles of wine) . We also visited interesting places that were too far from the boat for us to cycle to. During this time we visited The Glade of the Armistice. This is where, in a forest clearing on a railway siding, near Compiegne, the Germans surrendered in the First World War. For vengeance, Hitler made the French surrender, in the Second World War, in the same railway siding.

Pierrefonds Chateau

Pierrefonds Chateau

There are constant reminders of the Two World wars in this region, as much of the fighting took place here, particularly the First World War where most of the trench warfare was concentrated here. Every village has a war monument with long lists of local people who were killed.

We also visited the Pierrefonds Chateau, a medieval chateau, reconstructed by Napoleon Third. This is one of the first examples of historical reconstruction and an amazing place.

Nuala and Eve getting the shopping

Nuala and Eve getting the shopping

Nuala granny-sat and minded the kids while Louise, Jo and I went to see a war museum.

On Tuesday, they all left for home. I hope they enjoyed their boating experience and time with us. Our first visitors were a great success – now we better go and invite the other people we promised could visit us!!






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