I am starting to slow down too much

Boating is a slow speed affair. If you travel 40 kilometres in a day, you are doing well. So people who live on boats on canals tend to slow down, adopt the speed of the boat and everything can wait until tomorrow!

'C'est La Vie' tied up at Varneuil- did not get up to 9 am

‘C’est La Vie’ tied up at Varneuil- did not get up to 9 am

I am the type of person who used to get up at 6am to meditate and then go for a run. Today I got up at 9 am, despite the fact that the boat has needed a wash down and there are numerous small items to be fixed (which have all been on the list for two weeks now!) Lunches are becoming a lengthy affair ( too much baguette and Camembert de Normandie!)

I did not do a blog on Monday (21 April) – told myself it was a bank holiday so it didn’t matter and now, today, Wednesday….. the blog is late.We had more important things to do like sit in cafés on the plaza in Compiegne drinking coffee and wine!

Café  in Compiegne Plaza

Café in Compiegne Plaza

Nuala is getting as laid back as I am. Yesterday she did not know which day of the week it was!!

We both know you have to plan and set deadlines to get results. So once we arrive in Paris (27 April), we will be back on track. Nuala has even agreed to start doing a blog once a week… that should be interesting.


Nuala sitting down watching boat filling with water

Nuala sitting down watching boat filling with water




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5 Responses to I am starting to slow down too much

  1. xeniaboatlog says:

    No, not too much – not enough! No deadlines, no results – just living. And 40 Kms in boat terms is like running a double marathon.


  2. Robert Sinnott says:

    Sounds idyllic – I wouldn’t change anything!!


  3. bobmiddleton says:

    Hi, just found your blog. We’re in the early process of downsizing our house in the UK and planning to buy a used circa 40 foot Dutch steel cruiser to explore Germany/Holland/France/Sweden over the next few years so its very interesting to read your experiences as we gear up to do the same. We’ll keep an eye out reading of your exploits. Good luck


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