Why a Picnic in the Park cost me €75

We spent one day shopping for clothes in Paris for Nuala. I think it was the hardest day of the Gap Year so far ( for me anyhow!). We went to the 9th district – famous for Boulevard Haussmann , Galeries Lafayette, Printemps etc. The stores were crowded and hot.

Galeries Layfette

Galeries Layfette

 We did shop after shop, looking for right sizes, trying on clothes, deciding they were not right (boys you know the story- does not fit right- makes me look fat etc !!)  The famous shops were very expensive. In the end Nuala got most of what she wanted in C&A.  What kept me going was that we stopped for a nice lunch. We then took a break from the shopping and we did a tour of the Opera House (a very beautiful building built by a young architect Charles Garnier, started under Napoleon Third but took 15 years to build)

Adrian soaking his tired feet!

Adrian soaking his tired feet!

I was exhausted by the time we got back to the boat that evening . My feet were killing me! The next day was back to sightseeing (or so I thought). Off we went to Montmartre and went on a tourist train ride up to the top of the hills.  When we came down I had the great idea to save money. Why not have a picnic in the little park in the middle of Montmartre ?  Better still why not buy our sandwiches in Monoprix (cheaper again).

Nuala alongside the mini train in Montmartre

Nuala alongside the mini train in Montmartre

Nuala eating the expensive picnic

Nuala eating the expensive picnic

Great idea says Nuala. So in we went, but low and behold, the ladies fashion was on the ground floor before you got the food section in the basement (I wonder why?). And so…. we came out a while later, having spent €65 on trousers and a blouse and €10 on lunch. I thought the clothes shopping was done? That’s the last time I will try to save money. And yes all we bought was clothes.









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10 Responses to Why a Picnic in the Park cost me €75

  1. Barbara Saber says:

    Adrian you are hilarious .. love the pic of Nuala sitting in front of all the Sex shops ……


    Barbara Saber
    Accounts Assistant
    Begley Hutton Design Consultants
    Direct: 01 669 9906
    Email: bsaber@begleyhutton.com


  2. Bill Kee says:

    One could be forgiven for thinking you were in Amsterdam with Nuala taking a lunchbreak..


  3. Robert Sinnott says:

    Are you sure Nuala didn’t buy that blouse in the Sex Shop? AND I notice you don’t comment on Adrian enjoying a glass of wine while he soaks his tired feet!


  4. david o neill says:

    Hi Nuala, as promised I would look you up, you both seem to be enjoying yourselves, I remember many many years ago in Gallaries La Fayette and needing a drink when I got out of it!! Enjoy and bon voyage.
    David O Neill


  5. agclontarf says:

    Hi David , delighted you are following us… I am having a wonderful time, even today, when it has not stopped raining… gives you time to get repairs and cleaning done!


  6. Caroline says:

    Ha! Men and shopping eh? Enjoying following you on your blog x


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