We have returned to Ireland this week because of my knee.

We flew back to Ireland on Monday evening because I had a follow up appointment with the Consultant. The good news is that today I had another MRI scan on my knee and met with the Consultant afterwards. As I had thought myself, my knee is almost better. The bone has almost repaired itself and if I continue to use the crutches for another month or so, it should be fully repaired.

Coming home has been a great opportunity to catch up with family and friends and we are really enjoying this time.

Trying to rest my knee as much as possible

Trying to rest my knee as much as possible

We brought loads of our summer clothes home and cleared a lot of stuff out of the boat. We will take Nuala’s car back with us as it would be great to have a car for the winter in Chalon. As going through England is the cheapest way back, we will visit family there and take the Channel Tunnel back to France (something we have always wanted to do). I am also on the lookout for another Strida bike (we have only one that works) and I think today I have succeeded in buying another one in Nottingham so we can collect it on the way through England.

The Gap Year has made both of us much better at going with the flow of life. When my knee dictated that we had to come back to Ireland in October (something we had not planned to do), we wanted to make the most of it by getting to see family (in Ireland and England), friends in Dublin & Sligo, getting another Strida bike in England and experience travelling  the Channel Tunnel from Folkestone to Calais.

So we have turned a problem into an opportunity to do other things. Again another life lesson for me!

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3 Responses to We have returned to Ireland this week because of my knee.

  1. keatingsteinau says:

    That’s great news about the knee!!


  2. Great to see you both over the weekend


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