Visit to boat by Grand children and finding out about Bla Bla Car

The day after we arrived back from Ireland my daughter Louise, Son in Law Jo and my grandchildren Eve and Eamon came to stay a few days. From Jo we learned about Bla Bla Car.

It was great to have them all stay with us for a few days. They arrived by car on Saturday from Geneva where they live, which is only two and a half hours away. As Louise has lived outside Ireland for the last eight years it’s a great novelty for her to have her father this close for the next five months ( and for us also)

Jo, Eve Louise, Eamon

Jo, Eve Louise, Eamon

We had excellent weather while they were here (24 degrees most days) so we explored some of Chalon together – the St Vincent Square- Nicephore Niepce Museum-Isle Saint Laurent. We sat in the sunshine in the square and had afternoon drinks. Nicephore Niepce, born in Chalon is claimed to be original invertor of photography as he came up with the concept that if you put light through a lens onto light sensitive plate you could copy the image. It’s a well laid out museum with original photographic equipment from time of original invention up until start of digital photography and many old photos and video tapes.

Eamon Louise and Adrian

Eamon Louise and Adrian

We walked around Isle Saint Laurent (the island in the middle of Chalon) beside our Marina. The island is steeped in history as the Romans built the first bridge to the main shore- in the Middle Ages it marked the frontier between France and the Holy Roman Empire- in the Second World War is marked the border between occupied France and Vichy “Free” France.

Jo left on Sunday evening to go back to work in Geneva, Louise and kids stayed on until Tuesday. Jo told me that he had booked with Bla Bla Car to get back so that Louise could keep the car. I had seen something about this service a few weeks ago had meant to investigate it.  Jo is registered for the service and on line he was able to book a lift in a private car for €15 when he would have had to pay around €56 on the train. Its looks a great idea – private motorists who are travelling somewhere with empty seats put their route up on line. Individuals taking a trip can search to see if they can find a car going their way.

Drinks in Place St Vincent

Drinks in Place St Vincent

Motorist and traveller have to register with Bla Bla so everybody know that’s it safe and both get rated by people taking previous trips with them. So Jo searched to get back to Geneva and found a Paris school teacher going on a week’s holiday to Geneva, who agreed up pick him up in Chalon. Jo told me when he called to say he had got home safely that the girl also had two other people in the car that she had charged €70 each to take from Paris to Geneva. She also had also done an apartment swop on line. So her week’s holiday in Geneva was going to cost her very little.

So it’s another great service on the Internet that helps people connect and save money. Nuala and I are going to register as we might be able to use the service to get the airport for trips home to Ireland.

Nuala and I still have a lot more of Chalon to explore and the wider region. Next week intend taking the car to Dijon to explore that city.


View of the Marina in Chalon

View of the Marina in Chalon

Eve looks down through boat skylight- note clear blue sky

Eve looks down through boat skylight                       – note clear blue sky



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