Nuala achieves a Gap Year Goal- cooking dinner for Nine People!

Nuala with fish pie

Nuala with fish pie

One of Nuala Gap Year goals was to learn to cook better. She has been practicing over the last few months and when the opportunity came to invite people onto the boat for dinner, she reluctantly rose to the challenge.

Nuala won’t mind admitting that cooking was never a strong point for her. Working full time and with a busy social life, it was something she never made time for. So she put it on her ‘Gap Year list of things to achieve.’

Nuala and Marie Ange with starters

Nuala and Marie Ange with starters

Recently we were invited onto one of the other boats in the marina in Chalon sur Saone for dinner. Nuala had to make a decision as to whether she was going to invite people for a return dinner on our boat. So, of course, she did.

Last Monday, we had nine people for dinner. I made it more difficult for her as I don’t eat meat. So Nuala decided to make fish pie. Preparations started on Sunday when we went to the market to buy the fish. Nuala made starters of toasted baguette nibbles, fish pie for main course and cheese and cakes for desert. Nuala prepared the fish pie on Sunday evening. This left Monday free to clean up the boat before our visitors arrived.

Marie, Francoise, John Mark, Alan and Theirry

Marie, Francoise, John Mark, Alain and Theirry

The guests arrived at 6.30 pm. Thierry and Marie Ange from the boat beside us. Alain and Françoise, John Mark and Marie and Chis, who all own boats moored in the marina.We had a great night and Nuala’s fish pie was a great success with everybody asking for second helpings and a copy of the recipe. Everybody ,including ourselves, had a great night and as our visitors left they said it was a “Bonne Soireé”!

Nuala was thrilled with the results and I am sure I will be the beneficiary of Nuala’s enhanced cooking skills for years to come.

This is another success of the Gap Year. We have given ourselves time to stop and think, and an opportunity to do some of the things, we have talked about doing for years.

Nuala buys the fish in the market

Nuala at the market

General view of the Sunday Market

General view of the Sunday Market

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2 Responses to Nuala achieves a Gap Year Goal- cooking dinner for Nine People!

  1. James Carroll The Younger says:

    What is fish pie? Send the recipe along with a short description of it, please.


    • agclontarf says:

      Hi James. We will email you the recipe. Fish pie is mixture of three or four types of fish in white sauce put in oven proof dish with layer of potato on top. You then cook it in the oven for about 40 minutes-Adrian


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