Sunday Afternoon Cycle in Chalon- a Simple Pleasure

A well wrapped up Nuala and the wooly sheep - also as well protected against the cold

A well wrapped up Nuala and the wooly sheep – also as well protected against the cold

Yesterday we decided to explore the North Bank of the Saone by bicycle. We went eastwards as from the map we could see that there was an old port and the junction where the Canal du Centre meets the Saone River.

Nuala at the old port with La Delta

Nuala at the old port with La Delta

We headed off on our bikes along the river bank. While it was dry and sunny it was very, very cold. You will see from the photos how well wrapped up Nuala was!  We found the old port and it’s completely derelict. Its only function now seems to be as a mooring place for river cruise ships out of service for the winter months. There were seven cruise ships tied up with minimum crews on board and La Delta (Roger’s boat). Again another example of what occurs to the waterways infrastructure when commercial traffic ceases on the rivers and canals. There is a large commercial area around the port and while some of the buildings are well maintained and seem to house thriving business there was also a number of derelict factories and a shutdown ship repair yard. It seemed a shame that when business cease that the areas are not cleaned up and old unwanted building removed. We both remarked how pretty the area was, with lovely views of the Saone and what a great location it would make for houses or apartments.

closed down barge repair yard

closed down barge repair yard

We could see a large lake on our map so we headed off to explore this. We were surprise to find such a large lake near the city centre. Even, more surprised to find a herd of deer and black woolly sheep grazing in a fenced off area beside the lake. There were many people walking, jogging and cycling along the paths around the lake so it’s obviously a popular amenity.


Adrian enjoyed chips at the Christmas Market

Adrian enjoyed chips at the Christmas Market

We headed back into the town centre to get something to eat. It was now 3.30 pm and we forgot that most café’s close after lunch on Sundays. We went to our favourite café in Place St Vincent but it was shut. Nuala then saw man eating chips walking along the street. She realised that the food stalls at the Christmas Market must still be open. We cycled to the main square and had Saucisse and Chips at the Christmas market, what a lovely end to a simple Sunday afternoon.

What happening with the car?  It was taken by car transporter to one garage, they told me that the alternator was broken and it would cost €1700 to fix. I had the battery charged and I drove it to a second garage who said the regulator was not working correctly and they could not fix it. I had a look at the battery myself and realised it was 11 years old. I bought a new battery (cost €127) fitted it myself and fingers crossed the car seems to be running fine.

disused factory building,

disused factory building,

deer beside lake

deer beside lake- in Chalon City

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