Reality Bites- The Gap Year is Over- Nuala went back to work today.

back to work -02.03.15 002

Nuala going back to work after the year off !

Nuala left the apartment at 8 am this morning for her first day at work in 11 months. I am going to attend the Rotary meeting this afternoon.

Yes, the reality that our Gap Year is over hit us today when the alarm clock went off at 6.45 am. Nuala was up, dressed and out the door before 8 am as she was not too sure how long it would take her to get to work. We are currently staying at Nuala’s mother’s apartment as our tenants are not leaving our house until this weekend.

Fingal Rotary Club Members

Fingal Rotary Club Members

I am attending my first Rotary meeting this afternoon, in five months and I have a number of meetings this week regarding work.

So we are getting back into the swing of day to day life. We are not sad about this. We had many discussions on the subject. Both of us are happy to go back to work. Nuala loves her job in SVP. I hope that both of us will be able to contribute in a different way now that we have had the experience of living in France and Germany on a boat for almost one year.

We have met so many wonderful people, visited many beautiful towns and cities and seen wonderful places. This has taught us many things and we look forward to using our new perspective in our lives.

So as I said before… Ho Ho Ho it’s off to work we go!


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4 Responses to Reality Bites- The Gap Year is Over- Nuala went back to work today.

  1. Bill Kee says:

    End of an era. Well done Adrian on a successful Gap Year. Now comes the book.. What about a movie?


  2. robertsinnott1 says:

    If you do the movie can Dave Murray organise a Premiere for the club?


  3. Frances Blake says:

    You mean I owe I owe so off to work I go! Welcome home, back to the grindstone, ah it’s not too bad really, nice to get back to the swing of things and the ol same old same old. A good time to come back in the spring. Talk soon. Best of luck, Frances


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