I love France but……………

I love our time in France but sometimes it can be frustrating. This week we arrived in Nancy and booked into Port St George. It rained all day. It cost €20 per day and Nuala refused to move off the boat in the rain. Then…

Nuala in Stanislaus Square Nancy

Nuala in Stanislaus Square Nancy

I had just moored the boat (very well if I say so myself as I had reversed into a very tight berth) when an English man, who has stayed in the port for six years came up and asked me to move my boat as he was to move his boat into this berth. I politely said no that we would have to ask the Captainaire.

I then went to Captainaire and the door was locked. It magically opened and the Captainaire appeared and said they were closing for lunch and to come back at 2.00 pm (it was 11.55). So I duly went back at 2.15 pm. After a lot of discussion and telling me how they loved Ireland, I got booked in and it cost me € 38.40 for two days (the dearest since Paris) but at least no talk of me having to move berth.

The Marina in Nancy when the rain stopped

The Marina in Nancy when the rain stopped

I went back to the boat and Nuala asked about the WIFI connection for the Port (in the guide book it said the port had free WIFI) and arranging a tanker to deliver diesel to the boat. I forgot both, so I trudged back in the rain. Answer; the WIFI does not work anymore ! No reason given, I was told if I want WIFI go to the Tourist Office (15 minutes away by bike!).

Then I asked about getting diesel for the boat. A number was produced for a local oil company they use. I asked could they ring for me as my French is not good. After a lot of shrugs and sighs, the phone was lifted and the number punched in…thumped actually! After a long conversation in French, the phone was put down and I was told in English that the oil company driver is on training and there are no deliveries this week. I asked if there was another oil company ? Shrugs and told there was none. So I left Captainaire with no WIFI and no Diesel.

The Rain came down

The Rain came down

It was still raining. I went back to the boat and said to myself “I will use my own mobile WIFI and find another oil company in the area”.

Now my own WIFI won’t work! I opened it and water poured out. It got wet on the deck. The rain again! It’s still raining. I gave up and opened a bottle of wine!!




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10 Responses to I love France but……………

  1. Bill Kee says:

    I see Nuala is using a conventional bike. What happened to the folding bikes?


    • agclontarf says:

      Bill second Strida broke as soon as I tried to get on it. I cannot get spare parts, so we bought another bike for €65 in Paris. Keep looking for parts to fix the second Stida as it would be much easier to manage


  2. pauline says:

    At least now we know it is not all plain sailing LOL


  3. Robert Sinnott says:

    Everybody knows the rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain – not a lot know that in France it falls mainly in …. Nancy!!


  4. Caroline says:

    It was pouring with rain when we were there too. Surprised about the Capitain though. Was it Emmanuel (with long hair)? Still at least you got to see the lovely Stanislav Square – and well done for mooring in the tight spot. We found it a bit hair-raising. Was the English guy Liverpudlian? We met Alan on ‘Timeless Serenity’ who had been there six years. He’s really nice – a retired firefighter with some stories to tell! x


  5. Dara says:

    Oh hey honey if it’s any consolation there is torrential rain here! Have also opened a bottle of wine(one you gave us!). Have had a giggle at your story (sorry but it is so typically Gallagher!!). On the bright side the town square looks interesting and the marina looks fab in the rain! You are missing nothing here! Just more political disasters and past scandals. Keep enjoying every minute and hopefully we will get out to ye! Dara n gang!


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