Nuala was Right !

We went back to Ireland for planned two weeks “holidays”  Nuala said I should put a note up on the blog saying “sorry no posts for two weeks on holidays”  I said no I would find the time to keep the blog going and I did not! You will see why below.

We went home on Wed 23rd July mainly to see Family and Friends and go to The Sheehan Clan Holiday (Nuala’s family) in Courtown, but also to sort out a few things, Nuala to visit her orthodontist and me to get my sore knee properly diagnosed.

With Shay on Derek Mooney Show

With Shay on Derek Mooney Show

So we had a lot to do and on top of that we were invited back to the Derek Mooney Show. We were interviewed on Tue 29th July.You can listen to the show on the RTE website.

Nuala Eve Louise Annie Philip Alana- 4 genearations

Nuala Eve Louise Annie Philip Alana- 4 genearations

We had catch up visits will our family and friends in Dublin and visited my mother and relations in Sligo. My daughter Louise and granddaughter Eve, came from Geneva to visit us and my English cousins Fiona and Josephine came to visit when we were in Sligo.

Sing song on Courtown beach

Sing Song on Courtown Beach

We were in Courtown for a week as well. Between 50 and 100 of Nuala extended family meet there every year, some coming from as far away as Australia and Germany.It’s a great family tradition as the family decided many years ago to set it up rather than just meeting at weddings and funerals. It’s a great week of fun and reconnecting and it’s something I would recommend every family should do.  Also we were married in Courtown during this annual holiday two years ago.

I also visited my Rotary Club (Dublin Fingal) and gave them a presentation on our trip so far.

On top of this Nuala’s car broke down the day after we arrived and we had to figure out if it was worth repairing (which we did) and put it through the NCT as well.

But the biggest issue for me was trying to get my knee sorted out. I did not want to mention it on the blogs, but since leaving Strasbourg the pain has been so bad that I could not really walk. (Nuala has been a saint) I had a doctor’s appointment set up for the first day we were home. After visits to doctor, MRI scans and visit to a consultant, the bad news is that I have damaged the bottom of my thigh bone not my knee and I have been told keep off my feet for at least two months until it heals otherwise I will do permanent damage.

Adrian Knee Scan

Adrian Knee Scan

We debated what to do – Cancel the Gap Year or keep going. In the end we decided to come back to the boat in Germany and keep going. We have reluctantly decided to put the boat up for sale now and buy a caravan and car and complete the rest of the year in a different mode of transport which hopefully won’t be as hard on my leg.

C'est la Vie on the Seine

C’est la Vie on the Seine

So that’s why you see the boat for sale on the blog. If you know anybody who would like to buy a great boat please let them know ours is for sale!

However we are still enjoying our Gap Year. We will keep going and the blogs will continue 3 times per week.



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