Why do some people say one thing when their minds really are thinking the opposite?

The broken down car

The broken down car

As you know our car broke down on the way to the ferry in Fishguard last Sunday. We missed the 2.30 pm ferry by minutes and had to wait for 12 hours.  So we did what we know works- find a local hotel with Wi-Fi and a quite place to sit.

Broken down car on ferry deck

Broken down car on ferry deck

Fishguard is not a big place so we walked up the hill from the Ferry Port past some café’s and found a small hotel. We went in and up to the bar. A man standing at the bar asked us what we wanted to drink, he turned out to be the owner. He then said “you missed the ferry” and we explained what had happened. He said we were very welcome and he would do anything he could to help. When visiting Dublin last year his car had broken down. He said that everybody was most helpful and that the tow truck man had come back the next day to make sure he was ok. He had been helped so much in Ireland he wanted to return the favour to us. He got us drinks, showed us a quiet corner where we could sit in and gave us the WIFI code and even gave Nuala a free refill of her coffee. Great we thought.

After a couple of hours we started to get hungry, 12 hours is a long time to go without food. As lunch had finished before we arrived I asked him if we could have some sandwiches and maybe a couple of chips. His answer was “you are pushing your luck” as he headed to the kitchens. I though at least we will get the sandwiches. A half hour passed and no sign of him or the sandwiches. We were getting really hungry. Nuala said why don’t you walk back down to the car at the ferry terminal and get the sandwiches that Neil had made for us. So I did. There I met two other girls who had also missed the ferry as their car had also broken down.  I told them why I was back at the car and they said but there is a hotel on the top of the hill serving food.

Nuala and Adrian in Portsmouth before leaving for home

Nuala and Adrian in Portsmouth before leaving for home

So I went back to the hotel got Nuala to pack up and we walked up the hill to the Fishguard Bay Hotel, a very plush hotel where we had a great meal. It was a much nicer place to wait the remaining four hours for the ferry. So if the small hotelier could not feed us why did he not tell us about the Fishguard Bay Hotel?  He had to know it was there, if he really had our best interests at heart he would have told us rather than trying to keep us at his place and starving us.

I am not finding fault with him.  I have to think how many times in the past did I tell people I was looking after them when I was not. So a lesson for me, always examine your motivations and see if they are really helping your fellow man. Make sure you look after people even if it costs you in the short term. As they say your good deeds live after you.

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